1.  I'm a people person.

2.  I love being out in nature, losing myself in the moment of landscapes, wildlife, and bird photography. (Yes, it's a conundrum).

3. I've worked out in and love weather.  The worse the weather the more excited I get.

4. I've been within 100 feet of a mile wide tornado, and have driven in tennis ball sized hail.

5.  In the winter, I talk A LOT about how much I love snow and cold, the more the better!

6. I love to travel, alone or with family.  I think nothing of getting up at 4am to get to a spot that has awesome wildlife, great views, or a wonderful hike.

7. I have a dry sense of humor.

8.  I'm a constant source of entertainment to my family, and liable to say or do anything at a moments notice.  When I do, I look at my youngest daughter, and say "eulogy material".  She should have a lot by now.

9.  Due to my love of driving, I've instructed my family to bury me with a steering wheel in my hand.

10. Family means everything to me.

11. When on a trip, we tend to take the road less traveled.  We always find a way to have fun, seeking out adventure and interesting experiences. 

12. I've been driving a city transit bus for 24 years and counting.


My name is Steve Heater.   I've always enjoyed photography, starting as a young boy.  In the 1970's it was all film photography and would go out and shoot any chance I got.  As I grew up, i married a wonderful woman in 1978, raised 4 children together, and had career changes,  I continued to shoot whenever I had an opportunity.  Around the year 2000 I bought my first digital camera.  I had a new freedom to shoot photos at a lower cost! 

In 2004, my son started becoming passionate about weather, especially severe weather, to the point of being annoying.   In 2005, I started driving him on storm chases, sometimes for days on end, in search of all kinds of severe weather.   I saw weather and the raw power of nature through his eyes, which was rather enlightening.  I now storm chase and photograph storms every chance I have. 

Through the years, we've enjoyed traveling as a family, making an effort to get out and see the country whenever the opportunity presents itself.   Of course I am photographing these adventures extensively.

In 2013 my wife and I started planning a 30 day trip west and make a tour of the National Parks in and near the Rocky Mountain Range.   Before we went, I bought a better camera, and took it on the trip.  We spent a lot of time in Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Glacier National Park, and the Badlands.  This is a personal and photographic journey that I will never forget. 

Early in 2017 my passion for photography was reignited, thanks to my wife.   I signed up for many educational opportunities, and  joined some wonderful photography and nature clubs.  These have been wonderfully fulfilling experiences on every level.   During the year, I've had the opportunity to photograph a few events.  In September I helped photograph a 2 day music festival.  After it was over, I have never been so exhausted, but what a fun and wonderful experience!  I also photographed a couple of running events that my daughter entered, photographed a wedding for a friend, and photographed part of my sons wedding reception after the other photographer had to leave.   All of these were wonderful and fun experiences, and I look forward to photographing more events in the future.

In December 2017, I wanted to start doing more portrait photography.  While I always have locations to do outside shoots, Illinois weather can be an issue.  I set up a small studio that I can bring clients to, giving them a wonderful portrait experience.

I hope you've enjoyed this brief journey about me.  I look forward to meeting and serving you as a client and as a friend.  I would love to be there to photograph your special moments and be a part of preserving these memories through my photography.

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