I love to travel, and have visited many places near and far, with plans to visit a lot more!  One of the things I like to do is hike in nature just to see what I might run across.  Sometimes I explore on my own, other times with groups, such as birding groups.  I may visit National Parks, State Parks, or County Parks.  I've also been in Nature Preserves, Forest Preserves, or along beaches.  Some great nature preserves are ran by the Nature Conservancy, others by park districts.  I encourage you to support any of these entities as you are out enjoying these areas.  I also encourage you to treat those areas and the wildlife in them with respect, and leave nothing but footprints.   I present a collection of wildlife I've photographed while hiking, birding, or even at home. Some in this collection are wildlife in captivity such as zoos.  To purchase prints or print products, visit my online store.